News bloopers are great. Dirty news bloopers are even better.

This Thanksgiving, we're thankful the good people at News Be Funny made this compilation of what it calls "awkward" news bloopers, which is really just a more genteel way of saying "dirty" news bloopers.

We won't get into the details, but if you think there are some slips of the tongue and sexual innuendo, well, you couldn't possibly be more on the money. And let's give a shout out to this live penis drawing that surely would've made this compilation if it had aired sooner.

We especially love when the folks on camera acknowledge the mistake -- it's way more entertaining when they laugh it off, as opposed to the ones who are committed to remaining professional. Geez, have a sense of humor.

Bottom line: you will laugh it up while watching this video and be reminded that being juvenile never goes out of style.

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