By now, even people who aren't football fans have heard about the 'intertouchtion", the "Seattle Screw", or any other of the headlines that came from Monday night's controversial (and yes wrong) call. But is it the WORST call in NFL history? That depends on your point of view...

I'm a life long, hardcore Minnesota Vikings fan, even sporting a logo tattoo on my shoulder. I bleed purple. So there are several calls over the years (or non-calls) that continue to haunt me: The Drew Pearson 'push off' non call in the 1975 play-offs right at the top. The Shiancoe reverse call on a TD two seasons ago against Green Bay. The non calls on the hits that Favre took against the Saints in the Championship game three years ago. That's just off the top of my head! I'm sure if I worked at it, I could come up with several more just from my team alone.

So I feel for Packers fans. I really do. You got screwed. The NFL 'sort of' said as much when their official statement said that the refs should have called offensive pass interference and over ruled the TD. But there was no way the NFL on Tuesday was going to overturn it. They're not willing to admit the problems we have with the replacement refs.

But let's not think the regular refs are perfect either. Raiders fans will always remember the birth of the "tuck rule" when they sacked Patriots QB Tom Brady in a snow globe, caused a fumble and recovered it which would have wrapped the game, instead have it over turned saying he didn't fumble, he was tucking the ball back in and it was an incomplete pass. Brady even admitted afterwards that he fumbled!

How about all the awful calls in the Seahawks/Steelers Super Bowl? The phantom push off negating a Seattle TD. The phantom TD run by Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger?

Have we forgot the "Music City Miracle" when Tennessee beat Buffalo on a forward lateral on a kick off return that went for the winning TD?

Remember when head referee Phil Luckett blew a COIN TOSS call that cost the Steelers a Thanksgiving Day overtime possession against Detroit in a game they lost? (How do you blow a COIN TOSS?!?!)

By the way, the following week, Luckett was also the ref that gave Vinny Testaverde a TD when he didn't get past the one yard line! And yeah, Luckett was on the field for the above mentioned Tennessee/Buffalo game too.

See. LOTS of bad calls over the years. We haven't even mentioned the "Immaculate Reception" by Franco Harris in the AFC Play-offs that helped start their Super Bowl era (and voted by NFL Network as the MOST controversial call ever a couple years ago.

Again, I agree. The call Monday night was absolutely awful and it's magnified by being on the national stage of Monday Night Football during the information/internet age we live in. But is it really the WORST call in NFL history? Well that depends on who you ask and who their favorite team is.

Here's the Monday Night play:

And for us LOOOOOONG suffering Vikings fans, the 1975 Roger Staubach to Drew Pearson Hail Mary.


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