Wolfgang Van Halen may have played in a David Lee Roth-fronted version of Van Halen, but the Mammoth WVH frontman is also sharing his love for the Sammy Hagar-led era of the band as well.

In a recent chat with Cameron Buchholtz of Rock 100.5's The Katt, the Mammoth VHH frontman spoke about the upcoming Live: Right Here, Right Now vinyl release for Record Store Day and his role in Van Halen's reissues, while also sharing some love for Hagar in the process.

"That era [of Van Halen] doesn't get any respect, I don't think," he stated. "And there's a lot of amazing songs and just obviously brilliant guitar playing on a lot of that — on all of that stuff — and I think people don't give it a chance 'cause they fall into that exhausting 'this singer is better' crap, when it's, like, just give it a chance. There's some really good stuff in there."

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Though Hagar had a strained relationship with Eddie and Alex Van Halen for a number of years, the former Van Halen frontman made friendly overtures toward Eddie over the last decade and the two musicians finally reconnected and resumed their friendship before Eddie Van Halen's death in 2020.

Hagar has also been very supportive of Wolfgang Van Halen's career, praising the musician's approach to music and the expectations that came with carrying the Van Halen name and having played in the band with his father.

And when posed the "Sammy or Dave" question on social media, Wolfgang has maintained his stance. "They both kick ass," he responded to a Twitter follower in 2020. "The war is dumb. Enjoy whatever you want and don't hate someone else if they don't like what you like. The same guy wrote the music too, so you're doing yourself a disservice for not at the VERY least checking the other side out."

As for the upcoming Live: Right Here, Right Now vinyl reissue that's coming for Record Store Day (April 22), it's limited to just a 7,500 copy run and will be offered on 180-gram translucent red vinyl for $99.98. It will feature the original 24 songs recorded live, along with three additional tracks - "The Dream Is Over," "Eagles Fly" and "Mine All Mine." It's the first of several Hagar-era Van Halen reissues to come.

Speaking within the same interview with Rock 100.5 The Katt, Wolfgang also clarified his role when it comes to the Van Halen reissues from their catalog. He explained, "Al is, obviously, he's the head honcho when it comes to making the decisions. But I am a part of that when it comes to… Obviously, I default to him on anything that he thinks is the right thing to do. But when it comes to decision making or at least just kind of helping out, yeah, I am that sort of what would have been my dad's vote for stuff there with Al. So Al and I are kind of that team. But, yeah, all in all, he's the guy."

Mammoth WVH's Wolfgang Van Halen Speaks With Rock 100.5 The KATT

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