We've had a few glimpses of spring around the area so far. Robins in the yard. The smell of grills on the ride home. Heck, we've even had a couple of picnics. But the National Weather Service says we've got at least one more blast of winter coming this week.

A system will move into the Sioux Falls area Wednesday evening as rain, changing over to snow overnight and into Thursday morning. By Thursday afternoon, the snow could become heavy at times through Thursday night before finally moving out of the immediate area Friday morning. As for our neighbors over in Minnesota, they'll get the storm just a few hours later and it looks like it will effect the central portion of the state, including the Twin Cities, once again.

The National Weather Service says accumulations of five to ten inches of snow is possible from extreme southeast South Dakota into southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa. Winds are also expected to increase to to 20 to 40 miles an hour which could limit visibilities to a quarter mile at times. The latest forecast has Sioux Falls receiving 6-8 inches.

As for the extended outlook? Right now we're trending to be cooler than normal across the entire region through the month of April. Maybe spring will show up sometime around summer.

Remember, it was April 9, 2013 that that ice storm ripped through the area so we're not out of the winter woods yet.