Will the Minnesota Timberwolves trade Andrew Wiggins this offseason?

I sure hope that the answer is NO!

I have been a long standing advocate for having patience with Wiggins, while others including many Twolves fans have been clamoring for him to be traded for awhile.

Wiggins is making a lot money over the next few years and that has a lot of expectations that come along with that kind of salary.

But what people need to remember is that his is only 24 years old and not even in his prime yet.

His numbers can be great certain games and other games just puts up OK stats, which even i agree needs to be more consistent.

Regardless of the consistency, the questioning of his desire seems to be overblown in my opinion.

Without being in the mind of a man, it is impossible to gauge desire simply by mannerisms.

That seems to be the only criteria some critics are using when evaluating Wiggins and it is very unfair.

There will be suitors this offseason for Wiggins, but the return is more of the question and because of that, my guess is that will keep Twolves owner Glen Taylor from moving him.

My advice has been the same and it will stay the same this offseason as I would suggest fans, media and the Timberwolves organization be steadfast in their support of Wiggins, because I believe big things are on the horizon.


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