Back in the day, I once played on a freshman basketball team at Brea-Olinda High School, in Southern California, that had no fewer than six guys named Jeff on the roster.

As one of those six, trust me when I tell you, in order for the coach to keep his sanity, a nickname is quickly thrust upon you whether you want one or not.

In 2018, there's a different sort of roster anomaly going on at South Dakota's Huron High School.

When the Tigers take the field for their football homecoming game tonight (September 21) against Yankton, four sets of identical twins will be suiting up for the Huron - seniors Ben and Remington Walton, juniors Hayden and Landon Hegg, and sophomores Sebastion and Tristan Cardona, and Carter and Colby Hott.

But it's not as confusing as you think.

According to Jeff Duffy of KOKK Radio in Huron, Tigers head coach Michael Schmitz says he focuses on certain characteristics to tell the siblings apart. Schmitz says it helps that the Waltons and Hotts have different haircuts, but admits that telling which Hegg and which Cardona is which is more difficult.