By now we all have seen Popeye's Chicken commercials "Annie the Chicken Queen,” a straight-talking, feisty Southern woman telling it like it is about her chicken. But who is she? What is her real name? What's her story? Well it turns out her name is Deidrie Henry.

Besides starring in the commercial for the popular chicken restaurant chain, Henry is a TV actress. She has appeared in many TV series, with her role as Rowena in Justified on FX being the latest. She also appeared on CSI, Bones, Southland, Heartland, Without a Trace, ER and had an ongoing role as Aubrey McDonalds in The Riches. She also played Bonnie in a movie called Beautiful Boy. Henry also has had numerous theater roles.

Henry has even won some awards for her roles. She won the Ovation award for Yelowman in 2006 and again in 2011 for Raisin in the sun.

With news of a possible restaurant coming to Sioux Falls as early as next year, soon we will all be able to try "Louisiana fast!"


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