The world is made up of all kinds of people, sometimes it seems like to many kinds. You have people from both ends of the spectrum.

There are givers and takers, rich and poor, tall and short, happy and sad, and so on. My story has to do with people that just don't seem to fit in with anyone.

I'm talking about the lonely people of the world. The loneliest of all, aren't who you think it would be.

It's not the older people who have lost their loved one. The loneliest people of all, are younger crowd.

A study done, surprisingly found that Gen Z is the loneliest generation. This would be the children born to millennials.

What happened to the happy, carefree days of youth? Why does this "always connected" generation feel so disconnected? Is social media to blame or is there more to it than that?

These are all good thoughts to consider. Are we letting go of human interaction so much, that we don't know how to relate to people? Bottom line, I think kids need to limit device use and go be with other kids.

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