There are certain traffic lights in Sioux falls that just seem to change 99% of the time when I'm approaching. When I get through the light at 77th and Louise, I buy a lottery ticket because it's a lucky day. We asked our Facebook fans if they had a light that always seems to change on approach - and it seems to ring true in many parts of Sioux Falls. Check out the comments below:

Interestingly, the long stretch of Minnesota Ave. is not commented on because the syncing process seems to be working. Can we apply this same technology to some of these areas? Seriously, South Louise needs some work in the syncing department. Russel Avenue and West Avenues on the north end seem to be a pain for commuters, too.

My favorite: "When I still lived in SF it was 10th and Cleveland. Didn't matter which street I was on, the stupid thing would change just moments before I got to it.  I swore there was someone watching a camera of that corner just waiting for me... ~ John


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