First, Burger King gave us the Impossible Burger.  Probably not their weirdest sandwich ever, but maybe their new one is.

Burger King has introduced the 'Chip Butty', a sandwich with french fries, mayo, and ketchup wedged in between two buns.

You may be asking "Where's the beef" and that's a good question.

There’s no burger whatsoever on this “burger”.  But you can get it with bacon and that's awesome.

You can't enjoy your 'fry burger' in South Dakota yet, it's only available in New Zealand for now.  Burger King isn't sure if it’ll come to the States.

Burger King may be new to the patty-less sandwich, but the concept has been around a while.

Chip Buttys have been around for years and are found at fish and chip shops across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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