Walmart has it's customers safety in mind everyday. It's not uncommon to hear a number or a code over the store's intercom while shopping. But what do they mean?

According to CommonCentsMom, the various codes and numbers all have a specific meaning to the store's employees. Here's a few:

Code Adam: This means there is missing child in the store and employees will monitor the entrance and exits until the child is found.

Code Spark: This means the registers are overwhelmed and it all hands on deck to help. Even with self-checkouts, this may happen a lot over the holidays.

Then comes the more serious codes...

Code Brown: This means an active shooter on the premises. This would be a good time to remain calm and spot an exit.

Code Blue: This means there has been a bomb threat to the store.

Code Green: A hostage situation is happening on the property.

Code Black: Means there is a weather situation such as tornado or other severe weather.

Code Red: This means there has been a fire detected in the store.

Code White: There has been an injury in the store.

Code Orange: Means there has been a chemical spill on the premises.

Department 51: If you hear this, the security team must respond.

Interestingly, there also a code for shoplifters but it's not made public for security reasons.

Again, Walmart uses the code and number system for the safety of it's customers. Thanks to CommonCentsMom for the detective work!

10 Wild South Dakota Snowstorms

Even though snow is blanketing the Sioux Empire, some snowstorms still do not compare to these ten dreadful snowstorms that hit South Dakota.

Only In Your State highlighted ten snowstorms in South Dakota as a reminder for people to always be aware of the road during the winter. South Dakotans are well aware of the fact that the state’s winters can be harsh which is why it is always a good idea to plan ahead and prepare for the worst.

Do you remember any major snowstorms that hit South Dakota?

Gallery Credit: KXRB

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