Fizzies was fun, plain and simple.

Baby Boomers may remember Tang as the 'Drink of the Astronauts'. Well, that may have been true, but for the rest of us there was Fizzies.

Sold across the country beginning in 1962, you could take a Fizzies tablet and drop it into a glass of water! The bubbling started, the fizzing brought a smile and before you knew it you were drinking a delicious Fizzies! No, not a soda, more like an Alka Seltzer that was flavored and fun.

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Flavors? Oh, you betcha Cowboy, you could get Fizzies in Grape, Orange, Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Strawberry, Root Beer and Cola.

How big was Fizzies? There was a time in the 1960's that their sales volume more than doubled Kool-Aid! Holy smoke, that's a lot of Fizzies!

So what the heck ever happened to Fizzies?

Well Houston, we have a problem. Apparently the ingredients changed over time and as the ol' FDA banned this artificial and then that one and that one, it became more difficult and more difficult. In fact, at one point the instructions told kids to add not only water but sugar as well.

Fizzies were becoming complicated. And were discontinued in the 70's. They made something of a comeback in the mid 90's, but then gone again. But wait!

Fizzies made yet another comeback in the 2000's and marketed as 'nostalgia' for Baby Boomers. But I guess not enough Boomers were nostalgic. In February of 2016 Fizzies once more bit the bullet and ended.

But hmmm...maybe one more resurrection?

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