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We asked for your opinions on why Sioux Falls ranks 98th out of 100 in a Men's Health ranking of memberships per capita on online dating sites, and you didn't disappoint.


From our Facebook page:


Jason Beaumont: We're just smarter than the rest of the population and are against dating in general!!


Shelli Gonnerman Masek: South Dakotans hate to pay for anything.


Mike Siegfried: That it cost too much to pay for decent sites. Since the cost of living is so high compared to low wages most can’t afford it.


Danny Korves: Too many stuck up people with "standards" on the pointless to pay money.


Manda Kokales: We also rank highest in alcohol consumption. Don't need dating sites, just bars and after parties. Tee- hee!


Betsey Wick: Bars and no regrets!


Patti Hanson: I've been on a few sites on and off for years- no luck! Lol


Heather C Keenan: I used to use and POF - they're both full of CREEPERS!!!! I met my boyfriend through a mutual friend.


Jake Law: I haven't had very much luck on zoosk. But have gotten a few numbers from girls from the south that song was right! I like southern girls lol


Vicki Prochaska: I just don't think you will find your true love online especially from one message. That's all.


Jodi Walhof Al-Daraji Leiva: It is just a hook up site for most people...not for real dating.


Michelle Anderson: I tried it years ago. Wasn't so great


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