With the insane rise of automated workers,self-checking kiosks, computers, and other nifty technology, are you in the least worried that a robot can take over your job?

The website Will Robots Take My Job calculates the risk of your job going to a robot. I was curious about my job in radio. It turns out, I have only a 10% chance of a robot taking over my job. And if one does, good luck getting headphones to fit on a square head.

Retail cashiers did not fare as well. They have a 97% of their job being taken over by a robot. Not only was it the highest percentage I found, it came back with a "you are doomed" sign!

A few others:

  • Musicians: 7.4% chance a robot will take over your job. Your totally safe.
  • Waiter / Waitress: a 94% probability of automation.
  • Bartender: 77%. Robots are watching - but they're terrible listeners.
  • Barbers and hairdressers: 80%. I wouldn't trust a mechanical hand near my head with sharp pointy things. That would be a Freddie Krueger moment waiting to happen.
  • Landscaper: you also came up with a "you are doomed" sign and a 95% chance of a robot taking over your job.
  • Physicians and surgeons: Totally safe at only 0.42%.

Oddly enough, robot repair tech has a 41% chance of a robot taking over the job. Okay, that's too weird.

Enter your occupation to find out and here's to the future!

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