I always find it to be one of the biggest hypocritical moves by fans when they call out a head coach for being a hypocrite when they are practicing the same methods.

PJ Fleck is off to Minnesota for a Power 5 job in the Big 10 and the same people he was supported by last week have turned on him this week.

Fans out there want head coaches to take pay cuts and stay loyal to less prominent programs, so they can sustain the success that the coach has helped to build.

I get the fact that going back to lack of success they once experienced before that particular coach turned things around can be scary, but to become vindictive and hateful is clearly out of line.

Fans will make the argument that the coach is a hypocrite for saying publicly he wants to stay in his current role while behind the scenes he is discussing other opportunities and potentially could leave.

Those same fans would be pretty upset if that coach was 100% honest publicly about his desire to take the next step while losing recruits in the process because there is always that chance that they do stick around and it would only hurt the program.

People need to grow up and realize it's not just a sport, it's a business. Every single one of us wants the best for our family and ourselves and that includes taking better jobs for more money.

Faulting a head coach for doing so is not only hypocritical, but childish.

Grow up Western Michigan fans. You were nothing as a football program when PJ Fleck showed up and you just went to the Cotton Bowl for crying out loud.

The reaction that some of the fan base has presented on social media can't be a huge help to bringing in the next head coach to continue Fleck's success when they know the fans are going to freak out in three years when that guy leaves for a better gig too if he continues to have the same success.

Know who you are - you are Western Michigan. Not THE Michigan. And realize you are not a destination job for a head coach, you are a stepping stone.  Enjoy the ride because you are fortunate you get to be on the ride you've been on.

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