The City of Sioux Falls is prepared for the coming winter storm and once it hits the plans for removal are in place.

What may have been a good test run for city crews was the Wednesday event with some snow and freezing rain. Street/Fleet Manager Galynn Huber says every part of the city needed some attention.

“It’s kind of like a ball game when coaches don’t want to look at the underdog and take them too lightly while looking ahead. By the same token, you do have to look at the big storm that’s coming in. The problem with the Wednesday storm was the freezing rain and we had to put some chemical down on every residential street within the city of Sioux Falls.”

Since a lot of areas were already treated, Huber feels that could reap some benefits with the storm that will arrive this weekend.

“If you’re driving down the road and you see white residue on the street, that’s the residual left over from when we put down chemical (on Wednesday). When the first couple flakes come down and start hitting the pavement it will activate, melt that stuff right away, turn it into water, and get it into the gutter pan so it won’t freeze on the road.”

Once the snow arrives, crews will be working 24-hour shifts until the snow is removed. If a snow alert is needed, there will be advance notice of a couple of hours before the crews will plow curb-to-curb in residential areas.

A winter storm watch is posted for the Sioux Falls area from 6:00 PM Friday (November 30) through 6:00 PM Sunday (December 2).


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