If you watch the Weather Channel, you know Jim Cantore can handle all types of weather. One thing he can't handle? Someone trying to get in on his live shot.

Cantore was in South Carolina last night (Tuesday) covering the winter storm that blanketed the southeastern United States (up to three inches of snow fell across the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louiisiana, paralyzing the region since they don't have plows or sand trucks and people simply don't know how to drive on snow...sort of like Sioux Falls on a snow day when you think about it with the bad drivers...)

Anyway, a guy decided he wanted to be live on the Weather Channel with Cantore last night so came running at him, yelling, while Cantore was live on the air.

Cantore handled the guy with the same grace he handles standing in a blinding snowstorm or hurricane force winds. With a simple knee to the groin!

Jim Cantore is my new hero today.