Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person in your life during a global pandemic?

Can I recommend Clorox wipes, if you can find them.

Next time you spot a container of Clorox wipes, you should seriously think about picking them up. Word has it, the Clorox wipe shortage could linger into 2021.

As cases of the coronavirus continue to spike across the country, the demand for disinfectant wipes and other products proven to help fight the spread of the virus continue to be scarce around the nation.

Dakota News Now is reporting that Clorox wipes are still very much in high demand and extremely hard to find at this time.

According to Clorox Chief Operating Officer Eric Reynolds, the current shortage could end up lasting well into 2021. Perhaps even as long as the middle of next year.

The Clorox company is still cranking out wipes like crazy, but, thanks to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, they continue to get snatched up as soon as they hit store shelves.

To help deal with the high demand, Dakota News Now reports that Clorox plans to up production of the disinfectant wipes by February of 2021.

This is the third time since the pandemic began that Clorox has had to push back the time frame for upping production on the wipes to ease the nationwide shortage.

Source: Dakota News Now

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