I don’t consider myself to be a hoarder. That’s those crazy people on TV, right?

But there is one thing where I, along with I suspect a lot of you out there, have trouble parting ways with something.

It’s those darn cords.

In this world of ever changing technology, every time you update any of your electronic devices, there always seems to be a new and improved set of cables and wires that come with it. So then what to do with the old cables?

Throw them out right?

Ordinarily that’s a no-brainer. But in this particular case we somehow convince ourselves that we might need those old cables again someday and so in the ‘big box of cables’ they go.

So just how prevalent an issue is this?

It happens enough that even the Wall Street Journal wrote about the phenomenon recently.

One of the things they did address in their article is the availability of spots to drop off those unneeded cords.

All Best Buy locations will take your cords, as will Goodwill, where they will then turn around and sell the used cords to those unfortunate souls who found out too late they did actually need them after all.

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