I don't know anyone who has made it through this journey of life without getting picked on. Bullies seem to find everyone at one time or another.

Some bullies have a change of heart and for whatever reason grow out of the behavior of messing with others, but there are those who keep at it their entire lives.

Comedian Steve Hofstetter is known for holding his own against hecklers in the crowd at his shows.

Watching Steve's career, or the career of any comedian, or person who puts themselves in the public eye, it's easy see no one is safe from bullies.

Some of Steve's most watched YouTube videos are of people in the crowd with no self control trying to take over the comedians show.

How comfortable Steve is with himself, combined with his quick wit makes for some delicious medicine to watch the hecklers drink.

Steve's advice for kids being bullied is different than most and it is also coming from years of experience with bullies from his childhood to present day.

After watching the trailer for his new book Ginger Kid: Former True Tales from a Former Nerd I was instantly a fan.

I like Steve's approach to bullying from the above video, it takes the focus off of trying to fix the bully, and puts the attention on empowering the bullied.

If you would like to check out his live act Steve's tour is coming to Sioux Falls in 2018.

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