Have you ever thought about what would be your perfect dream job? I've got to imagine that a professional Candy Taster would be right up there?

According to the Daily Meal Mars Wrigley Company is looking for a Confectionery Connoisseur intern.

Mars says the positions key responsibilities are, amoung other things, "to taste and develop a deep appreciation for chocolate, gum, mint and confectionery products from around the world. Travel to Mars Wrigley Confectionery manufacturing sites to understand and document how the world’s most beloved candy brands are made. Produce a personalized batch of chewing gum in our pilot plant and experience mouth-wateringly delicious flavor combinations from our product labs."

Eat Snickers, Twix, M&M's, and Skittles all day everyday? Count me in! If you think you might wanna give this a shot you can apply for this gig online at Mars Wrigley website.

Oh...one more requiremnt, you also must be 21 years of age but possesses the midset of a kid in a candy shop.

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