If vegans already appeal to you as much as a tofu kale soy burger, this is not going to change your opinion.

This hardcore vegan gets just a wee bit angry when he finds out the vegan pizza he's eating has cheese in the tomato sauce. You can see the light bulb go on over his head as he starts to figure out that maybe, just maybe, he's chowing down on some food that will not only ruin the delicate and animal-free digestive system he's been cultivating, but also send him down Satan's path to a life of pure evil where he will be looked at with utter contempt by those non-beef-eating souls who just know they're better than anyone else and have no qualms about telling you that fact every chance they get.

Veggie Boy here is pretty self-righteous and for someone who practices clean living he's got a pretty saucy potty mouth, proving the things that come out of it are much more toxic than the things that go into it.

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