The Dell Rapids School District put into place sensing devices that will detect vaping chemicals and to combat students’ use of e-cigarettes.

Recently it's been reported there have been hundreds of cases of lung disease nationwide linked to e-cigarettes. With more than 17% of South Dakota students who are vaping, Dell Rapids School District Superintendent Summer Schultz says, “We just want to make sure they know school is not the place to be doing this.”

The South Dakota Legislature outlawed vapor devices in public areas effective July 1.

When a sensor detects vaping activity a silent message will be sent to a predetermined site or individual.

How much do these devices cost? About $5,000.

And what will the punishment be for students getting caught using their e-cigarettes? In the Dell Rapids School District it was reported they will need to do a presentation for their younger peers on the dangers of vaping or attend addiction counseling. And, they will be suspended.


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