Van Morrison has been voted a special honor by his hometown in Northern Ireland. Friday, he was unanimously awarded the Freedom of Belfast by its City Council. According to Belfast's Telegraph, the iconic rocker is just the second recipient of the honor in the past 10 years.

Former Lord Mayor Gavin Robinson, who sponsored the proposal, said, "This is the time for Van Morrison's home city to recognize the international impact of a Belfast legend, an east Belfast hero and one of our own."

The left wing Sinn Fein party's Jim McVeigh said that Morrison's music had helped unite communities during the decades of political conflict. "In a divided city, his music and the music of others was one of the things that united us and lifted our spirits."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer maintains his local connections. He performed last year at the East Belfast Arts Festival.

Still undecided is how Van will officially receive the honor. It's possible it will done in conjunction with a concert.