We asked Sioux Falls radio fans via Facebook this question: Using a Movie Title, How Would You Describe 2020 So Far? You all deserve an Academy Award. Bravo!

Here's what y'all said:

Neal Yang via Youtube
Neal Yang via Youtube

Beavis and Butthead Do America ~ Terry M.
Unforgettable ~ Cindy S.
Any Roland Emmerich film ~ Eric F.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! ~ Kari H.
Dazed and Confused ~ Shane K
28 Days Later ~ Syrene D
8 Million Ways to Die ~ Mark P
Towering Inferno ~ Paul D
Hobo with a Shotgun ~ Mike J.
A Series of Unfortunate Events ~ Sabrina
The Purge ~ Clarinda L
The Perfect Storm ~ Danny V
Wag the Dog ~ Jamie M.
Trainwreck ~ Ruth H
Titanic ~ Rod P.
Armageddon ~ Brian B.
Zombie apocalypse ~ John J.
Twister ~ Lee H.
The Crazies ~ Andrew B.
Birdbox ~ Paula C.
Apocalypse Now ~ Laine L.
Avengers - Infinity War ~ Cole H.
Anything directed by David Lynch ~ Charlie S.
Armageddon ~ Luke V, Brian B.
Jumanji ~ Trudi F-G.
End of Days ~ B102.7
Contagion ~ Christy F.
The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) ~ Jim T.
Deep Impact ~ Shana K.
Groundhog Day ~ Sherilyn N.C.
Falling Down ~ Richard M.
Shawshank Redemption ~ BoyLee H.
HELTER SKELTER ~ Vivien N, Dixie K.
A Walk to Remember ~ Seeley S. L.
The Search for Spock ~ Terry G..
Resident Evil ~ Kristie H.
The Twilight Zone ~ Debbie D.R.
The NeverEnding Story ~ Ray H.
Fast and Furious ~ Brenda W-S.
Hoaxed ~ Justin E.
Outbreak ~ Dixie K.
Twister ~ Holly B.
Last House in The Left ~ Bruce C.
Onward ~ Chris S.
Caligula ~ Lonell W.
Mississippi Burning ~ Tracey Jo T.F.
Shitty ~ Gail H. (I don't remember if that was in theaters)
Superbad ~ Dayna J.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~ Ashley C.
Dumb and Dumber ~ Kristi S.

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