Dee Snider has mixed feelings over the lawsuit his Twisted Sister bandmate Jay Jay French has filed against the Twisted Sisters coffee shop in Mission, Missouri.

Dee says, “He is very crazy about protecting the trademark, and he sues everybody. People are going crazy because it seems like this Goliath is attacking this David, this poor little David, for the Twisted Sister trademark... I said, 'You know, man, you've got to call into some of these TV shows and some of these radio shows, and defend yourself.' Because he apparently tried to work something out with the people at that shop, and their first response was, 'Who's Twisted Sister?'... Everybody's heard of Twisted Sister… For better or for worse, it's a household word."

The owners of the shop, Sandi Russell and Nancy Hansen, say the name is a reference to a family label given to them by their late brother. He used to call Nancy the "blond tornado," which morphed into the name of the shop. However, due to Jay Jay’s actions, they are considering changing the name.