A popular winter outdoor spot in Sioux Falls is about to shut down early for the season, but it has nothing to do with warmer-than-normal weather.

The sledding hill at Tuthill Park in Southeastern Sioux Falls will be out of commission because of construction in the area.

The hill will close for the season Monday (February 12).

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That same day, crews will begin working on a park improvement project that will feature a combined restroom and maintenance building at Upper Tuthill Park and the removal of the existing restroom and maintenance buildings.

The city says the closure of the sledding hill is to 'facilitate the project and protect the safety of park visitors.'

Areas of the park not impacted by the project will remain open during construction, but the city is advising visitors to exercise caution and avoid the areas of the park under construction.

Tuthill Construction Image

The project is expected to be completed by November.

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