The 'Transformers 4' Super Bowl trailer is here and finally gives us our first look at the rebooted (but not rebooted?) movie. Now, with our first official look at the upcoming Michael Bay movie we finally get to see the Dinobots!

So, after watching the 'Transformers 4' Super Bowl trailer, one thing is clear: this is definitely another Michael Bay 'Transformers' movie. Whether that is good or bad, is entirely up to you. But, from the moment a Transformer parachuted down into a city, explosions all around him, a cape flowing behind him and firing off machine guns in each hand, you just knew this was a Michael Bay movie. (Why does a giant robot also need two machine guns? Wait, nevermind...)

Though they have been critically destroyed, the 'Transformers' films have been insanely popular. The first 'Transformers' movie in 2007 earned more than $700 million worldwide, while 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' was an even bigger hit, grossing more than a billion dollars to become the 5th highest grossing film of all time. To date, the franchise has earned more than $2.6 billion worldwide. So, even though Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and the cast of the first three movies all moved on, you knew they would find a way to make the franchise continue.

And, here's the thing: it's hard to watch this 'Transformers 4' trailer and not get a little excited. We mean, c'mon, Optimus Prime with a sword riding on the back of a giant Dinobot. It's all your geeky kid dreams come true. Whether the movie is any good is almost an afterthought.

'Transformers 4' stars Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Jack Reynor, Sophia Myles, Kelsey Grammer, TJ Miller and Peter Cullen (as Optimus Prime) star in the upcoming film, which hits theaters on June 27.

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