Last year I was on vacation in northern Minnesota.  As I was getting in a boat from the lake shore my cell phone fell out of my pocket and dove into the water.

I caught the phone before it hit the bottom of the lake.  It did however shut down.  I then experienced that same feeling you had during first grade recess and you knew you were too far from the bathroom to make it in time.  Yeah, that feeling.

Turns out the mobile phone gods were smiling on me that day, because my phone ended up drying out and working just fine.

Some folks aren't that lucky.  Lots Karla Trashes Phone end up trashing their phones every day.

A new Verison survey ranked the most common ways people break or lose their phones. Here are the Top 10 Ways People End Up Trashing Their Cell Phones:

  1. Dropping it in water: 43%.
  2. Accidentally sending it through the washing machine: 42%.
  3. Throwing it: 22%.
  4. Dropping it out a window: 20%.
  5. Sitting on it: 20%.
  6. Spilling something on it: 20%.
  7. Pet chews it up: 20%.
  8. Tripping and falling on it: 20%.
  9. Stepping on it: 18%.
  10. Forgetting it somewhere: 18%.

Have any of these ever happened to you?

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