Timothy B. Schmit will release his first solo album since 2009's Expando next month. Leap of Faith is due on Sept. 23 and marks the Eagles bassist's sixth LP since 1984's solo bow, Playin' It Cool.

Schmit recorded the album in his Los Angeles studio and co-produced it with engineer Hank Linderman. According to a press releases on his website, Leap of Faith will contain a "mix of rock, country, Americana, R&B and even a bit of reggae."

“Again, I wanted to write this album on my own,” Schmit says. “In any collaboration one has to make a series of compromises. That’s not a bad thing, it’s simply not what I’ve chosen to do with this project. I’m just putting it out there, and maybe some of these ideas might resonate with listeners.”

Tracks on the album include “My Hat,” “This Waltz,” “Slow Down” and “What I Should Do.” “I don’t feel confined by any outside perceptions about what I do," Schmit says of the songs. "I just try to pull songs out of the ethers and shape them as they come, whatever the genre.”

With the Eagles now over following the death of co-founder Glenn Frey in January, Schmit seems ready to resume his solo career. “Over the last 10 years or so, I’ve felt like I’m finally getting the hang what it is I do best,” Schmit notes. “Although this project took some time to complete, this is what I came up with. ... This is who I am.”

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