Hey, guess what? Don't tick off a tiger. Yeah, it seems obvious, right? Well, that's a light bulb over the head thought for one driver.

Check out this tiger in Beijing which tore the front bumper off the front of a car with as much ease as you ordering a milkshake in a diner. The creature then takes it away like a souvenir to remember its accomplishment.

The woman in the vehicle appears to be pretty concerned that a tiger is just hanging out by the car like a bully waiting for the class nerd by the back entrance of the school when the final bell rings. Yet, despite her worry, the driver (we don't know who that is) decides against scooting away, which is a bit surprising considering we can see there is at least some open road near them.

Even after the tiger backs away off the road, the driver doesn't leave. Is he debating walking over to the animal and exchanging insurance info? Thinking about creating a well-crafted and diplomatic way to request the beast give the bumper back? Contemplating asking for directions?

The video ends with us getting a look at the stripped bumper, which somehow is returned to the driver in a moment we don't see, but can only assume didn't end with the tiger apologizing.

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