Forgiveness day is upon us (June 26, 2017). To effectively reconcile, it takes both parties to come to the table.

To need forgiveness in any case means there is someone who is in the wrong or a debt is owed. There are many cases within relationships whether intimate or cursory that can fall into a place where things get uneven. It can happen intentionally or accidentally, but if not resolved tension is often the result.

First for the person who at a deficit. You have committed the offense and must take ownership of it once you are aware of the misdeed.

For example, forgetting or running late to pick up your child at an appointed place and time. Depending on the age of the child there are varying degrees of stress this can cause. Nevertheless, as a parent there should be the admission of wrong and based on the span of time involved the plea for mercy should fit the situation.

Children will learn that parents make mistakes which should come in handy when that lamp gets broken because of some roughhousing with siblings in the living room. Parents already know that children need instruction on what forgiveness is. What better way to showcase that skill because even after the twentieth time that thing happens, forgiveness should still available.

When that goes unchecked, both sides can eventually give in to pride and the fallacy that I’m always right. If two sides fail to get back to equal footing, the judge or higher power has to decide.

Even Jesus knew that one brother had to forgive the other more than seven times (Matthew 18:21) to keep that dynamic well-oiled. Better sleep is also an effect of forgiveness by “not letting the sun go down on your anger.” (Ephesians 4:26)

Forgiving the debts that you owe and seeking forgiveness will go a long way toward a life of contentment and peace. Who wouldn’t want that?

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