If you had to guess what are the most popular cars, trucks, and SUV's in each state you would probably get answers like a Ford F-150, some Chevy Silverado, and maybe some Honda Accords.

But have you ever wondered what cars sell the best in which state? A new study came out by Popular Mechanics where they recently teamed up with an auto analyst from IHS Automotive and annualized data about the make and model of every car sold in the U.S., and calculated the popularity of each vehicle by percentage using registration data. Then, they did the same at the state level, and compared each state to the national average.

So what is the top selling car in South Dakota? Turns out its the Lincoln MKT! The study says:

In South Dakota, the Lincoln MKT sells at 641 percent of the national average. In South Dakota the Aston Martin DB9 and Vanquish each have market shares more than five times their respective national averages.

To see the complete list of the Unofficial state cars from each state click here.

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