I was today years old when I realized there is a secret meaning behind the color of the bread tag. You may have noticed that those plastic clips that keep your bread fresh come in different colors and it's the key to determining when the bread was baked and stocked on the store shelves.

Take note of the color of the bread tag when you're shopping for bread. It's the freshness key. Here's the most-commonly used color code for bakeries, according to Eating Well:

  • Monday – Blue
  • Tuesday – Green
  • Thursday – Red
  • Friday – White
  • Saturday – Yellow

An easy way to remember this is as you look at the days, the colors are in an alphabetical order. How did I not know this?

This rarely-known system helps shoppers know when the bread has been baked but it also lets the grocery store or bakery to know when replace the loaf.

However, I've seen many with tans and blacks (as indicated in the above photo) so there may be a bread-centered conspiracy brewing.

Here's one more little nugget: The metal-centered twist ties also have the same colors.

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