About this time a year ago, a lot of us were complaining about never getting a chance to do the things that we really wanted to do because we were just too darn busy working and running around town doing the grocery shopping and shuttling the kids back and forth from activity to activity.

Well COVID-19 sure changed all of that.

Now it seems like we have an abundance of time on our hands and that list of things we wanted to get done around the house isn't so daunting anymore.

So now that you've binge-watched all of your favorite shows and rearranged your sock drawer for the seventh time, it's time to find something new to occupy your time.

The folks at Mashable have the perfect solution. Animal webcams.

This is your chance to travel around the United States (with one stop in Canada) to check in on all kinds of adorable creatures from hippos and pandas to puppies and kittens.

Here are ten of their favorite 'social distanced' online animal encounters (links included below):



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