I seriously love the Olympics.

For the couple of weeks when the Olympics are going on it is pretty much like a full time job for me.

It keeps me up past my bedtime because I gotta see who wins the Super Combined Alpine Skiing event.

When was the last time I cared about Super Combined Alpine Skiing?  Four years ago, at the last Olympics.

Of course, I have certain events I prefer more than others such as figure skating and speed skating.

Short track speed skating has all the makings of a great sporting event.  Suspense, intrigue, drama, and it's a short race, so it's good for people with short attention spans.

Obviously, I'm rooting for the USA.  Our tactic is usually to hang in the back until the last couple laps and then try to sneak toward the front.  Talk about drama.  I'm at home freaking out! Such suspense.

I also like speed skating because the race times don't lie.  All you have to do is be the fastest.  Some of the other events are based on judge's scores, which can vary.

I was a little bummed that Apolo Ohno wouldn't be competing this year, but Huzzah, he is doing commentary so I still get to see his pretty face and hear his beautiful voice.

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As for figure skating, the new team event, added another chance for a medal.  They take their best competitors in male and female singles, ice dance, and pairs, and tally up their scores to get a winner.

Of course, stupid Russia won!

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Yevgeny Plushenko makes me so mad.  He so good and knows it.  The guy took three and half years off and still came back with a vengeance.  Annoying.  Then the Russians unleashed their beast, 15-year-old, Yulia Lipnitskaya!  She is a tiny thing, but she can jump and especially spin like nobody's business.

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Russia took gold in the team competition, but I'm hoping America can take a gold in the ladies single or the ice dancing.

And last night, my biggest disappointment.  I know I could have just googled who won in the Men's Snowboard Halfpipe, but I wanted to watch what Shaun White would bring to the table.  Once the hot new kid on the block, he is now the seasoned veteran trying to defend his gold medal.

His first run, he wipes out.  Pretty hard.  I was scared for him.  He had a pretty big wipeout a year or so ago and has had trouble coming back ever since.  It was hard for him to overcome those fears.

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He watched as these younger guys were nailing tricks left and right.  Shaun wasn't the only one that wiped out, however, the conditions there were apparently difficult due to the slushy halfpipe.

Then came the big moment.  Shaun was last in the last heat.  He had to nail this run.  He drops in and does pretty well, but he stumbled on one trick and even had a bit of a sit down.

He got fourth.  No medal at all.  I was very sad.

My first thought was, "I stayed up late for this?!"

Then I got to thinking about how Shaun must be feeling.  He had all this pressure to bring home the third straight gold and he couldn't do it.  And then to not even medal at all, how devastating that must be.  He was very gracious in his defeat.  He hugged all the medalists, but you could tell in his post-run interviews that he just wanted to hide in a corner and cry.  And I wouldn't blame him.

I don't think he'll be back in four years, but he's got plenty of other stuff on his plate.  He skateboards competitively as well as snowboarding.  He is also in a band so I think he'll find things to fill his time.

And to think, it hasn't even been a full of week of the Olympics yet!

I can't wait to see what else these games will bring.