I'm an avid fan of the Corvette. I remember how excited I got when the first photos of the 2014 Corvette Stingray were unveiled. It's a classic, an American muscle car with no equal.

I was quite leery, to say the least, when I heard that Corvette will consider making the Stingray Aerowagon, a mix of rear cargo, hatchback, and station wagon, and sports car if there is enough interest. Corvette customizers Callaway Cars has announced it may produce an add-on kit for the 2014 Corvette Stingray that would create what it calls the Aerowagon.

Corvette meets station wagon? That could be one of the end-time signs.

from| Motoramic writes:

Chevrolet never built the 1954 Corvette Nomad wagon that Harley Earl built for General Motors' Motorama traveling road show, but ever since a few hearty after-market designers have attempted to graft a taller hatch onto the Vette's rear flanks to form a proper two-door shooting brake (British for "sports car station wagon") — often with questionable results.

Callaway says its modifications would use a custom carbon-fiber bodywork and glass to the Vette, with minimal impact on its performance or mileage.

The kit would retail for approximately $15,000.

Well, maybe my wife would let me get one if I let her use it as a muscle-car-grocery-getter-kids-picker-upper.

All things considered, I don't hate it. Just don't tell my golfing buddies.

Source: yahoo.com

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