When you want a salty snack most people probably grab a bag of chips. They go great with a sandwich, are easy to pack in a lunch and you can't go wrong bringing them to a party. But have you ever thought what South Dakotans claim their favorite chip to be?

It is one of the most popular chip flavors out there. Think you know what it is?

Well, according to Business Insider it is Doritos! But not just any flavor of Doritos oh no. It is the chip that leaves a slight residue of orange dust behind, nacho cheese Doritos.

And we as South Dakotans are not the only ones who always have a bag of these on hand. Most of the U.S. also claims that Doritos are also their favorite chip. The states that claim they love Cheetos more then Doritos are California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

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