The start of school in Sioux Falls, and the unofficial end of summer got me thinking about the history of snow in Sioux Falls. More specifically, what are some of the extreme snow records that our City has experienced? So I dug into the National Weather Service archives to find out.

The earliest that Sioux Falls has had some snow is September 18 in 1929. Only a trace of snow fell on the Model As cruising Phillips Avenue that day.

Ten years later in 1939, Sioux Falls got it's earliest measurable snowfall; 0.3 inch on September 25.

The earliest significant snowfall on the city was on October 1, 1999. I guess mother nature saw the calendar change to October and just couldn't wait to get the last winter of the millennium started. (I know, I know, there was no year zero so the millennium actually ended in the year 2000. But, is the internet really the proper place to argue about small details that don't matter? Oh, wait, nevermind).

The earliest heavy snowfall in Sioux Falls was the Halloween blizzard of 1991.

The latest in the season that Sioux Falls has gotten snow was a trace of snow on June 3, 1998.

For measurable snow; the latest in the season was on May 18, 1968 when Sioux Falls got 0.1 inch. Twenty-five years that, Sioux Falls was blanketed with two inches on May 12, 1943.

On April 30, 1994 Mother Nature gave the city a little winter reminder when 10.5 inches buried Sioux Falls. I'm sure the melting that came after that storm was a mess.

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