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1) Chislic T-Shirt


A classic South Dakota stable! Show your love for the cubed meat on a stick meal by wearing this shirt.

2) Sunflower Leopard SD State T-Shirt

This shirt was made for over the top fashionistas out there who still want to wear a South Dakota themed T-shirt. Leopard, sunflowers and your home state in one shirt what more could you want!

3) Classic South Dakota State Outline T-shirt for Women

Some people like the classic South Dakota state outline and the cursive font on their T-shirts. So we've included this one as well. It's slightly more subtle SD pride.

4) Mount Rushmore Pun T-Shirt


I think this shirt would be fun for those who love puns and classic rock music. Plus, you can't live in the Rushmore state without owning an actual Mt. Rushmore shirt right?

5) South Dakota Postcard T-Shirt

This t-shirt would make a great gift to send to a family member or friend from your travels. It's a bit more wearable than your average postcard.

6) Retro South Dakota Long Sleeve


The colors on this shirt give it a more retro vibe that is popping up all over the place. Plus, with the long sleeves, it makes for a great layering piece. Since we all know it can get quite chilly here in South Dakota early in the mornings and late at night.