I haven't been really let down by a concert in a long time. One year ago tomorrow I took my then 5-year-old to Metallica. He was so excited but got tired and pooped out and just wanted to go home. That was a let down for me - but expected.

The only real concert let down for me was Aerosmith here in Sioux Falls on November 17, 1998. It sounded like it was canned. Steven Tyler didn't say "Sioux Falls" or interact with the crowd at all until after the encore.

Lots of people texted in their concert letdowns and there were some doozies.

I don't doubt that he was annoyed in this one, but I bet this wife was more annoyed.

  • I went to my last concert with my husband and the concert was amazing accept for the girls behind my trying to hit on my husband the whole time so he was annoyed.

I was at this show, I was bummed too.

  • Went to see Ozzy Osbourne here in S F. Ozzy himself was under the weather with a throat thing so the performance was cut waaayy short. Disappointing though I understood it still sucked.

If Marilyn Manson thinks it's too loud is he too old or correct?

  • Marilyn Manson when it was entirely too loud and he kept hitting the mic to point out it was too loud.

Yeah, mom, kick his ass!

  • My mom and I went to a Papa Roach concert for my 18th birthday and we ended up getting right to the very front of the mosh pit and this middle-aged guy next to me kept pinching and kicking me trying to get me to give up my spot so my mom told me to lock arms with her and then she reached around me with her leg and started kicking the s*** out of this guy and pinching him back told him leave me alone, haha.

And there was no "sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, yeah" either, according to Natasha.

  • Counting crows is one of my favorite bands and when they played in Sioux City last year I was soo hammered that I got kicked out. My fault I know.

I would have told this teacher to go ahead and give me detention, I'm not leaving.

  • Went to Taylor swift in 08 (back when she still had the curly hair) fit an FFA convention and she cried for about 10 minutes about all the support (eye roll) and we had to leave early because our teacher was tired. Ugh.

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