Over the past few years, the Terry Quiett Band has come roaring out of Kansas, bringing their brand of blues/rock to America. From the first time I was fortunate to see them perform here in Sioux Falls, I was hooked. Quiett is a fantastic guitar player, from his own signature model, to a cigar box, to a lap steel to the Resonator he brought into the studio Friday afternoon, he plays all of them equally well and with a real flair. Add in heartfelt lyrics and a soulful voice, you have a band that is on the rise.

Quiett and his band stopped by the studios Friday afternoon on their way to a CD Release Party at Old Skoolz in Sioux Falls (921 E. 8th St) at 9pm. A few tickets are still left for the 9pm show for $15. Their new record is called 'Taking Sides' and Quiett explains that it's literally like two sides to a record with one being the raw, rootsy blues and rock that the band is known for, while the second half of the CD (or 'side B') is more of the soul/R&B vibe that is another passion of his with a horn section and keyboards, something he says he's never worked with before but really enjoyed.

When you go to a Terry Quiett Band show, you know you're going to get a great show. Terry is a humble bad-ass guitar slinger, but is a showman as well. The majority of their sets are going to be originals from their new release, plus songs from earlier releases like 'Just My Luck' and their live album 'A Night at the Orpheum'. But they also throw in a couple of great covers like 'Take Me To The River' and 'Cover Me' with what they call a "TQB spin'.

You can listen to the full interview below in two parts plus watch the videos of the songs that he played including the lead track from their brand new CD.

Get to know the name Terry Quiett Band. They're a band to keep an eye on as they continue to grow as a band and as they start to do headlining shows like Saturday night in Kansas City as a co-headliner with Samantha Fish. One thing's for sure. When you go to a TQB show, you're going to be doing a lot of 'chair dancing', you'll want to buy a CD (or two) on the break when you chat with him, and you'll go home with a smile on your face.

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