This kid is massive.

Every teenage boy loves shoes and 14-Year-Old Eric Kilburn Jr. is no exception.

The only problem is, this teenage boy, who towers over most people, wears a size 23 shoe.

His mother, Rebecca Kilburn, pleaded for help in finding her child a shoe that fits and social media went to work.

According to M-LIVE, an Under Armour representative met up with Eric and his family at a local church and took a 3D rendering of Kilburn Jr.’s feet to create a mold that will then be used to make a shoe that fits him.

If you're wondering, these shoes do not exist, thus the shoe brand will have to start from scratch, but it will get done in the weeks ahead.

Rebecca KIlburn
Rebecca KIlburn

Finding shoes that fit properly has always been an issue for this teenager and his family, but Under Armour will accommodate him now and in time for the upcoming football season.

The representative for the shoe brand says, "His shoes will be the largest shoes Under Armour has ever made."

Rebecca Kilburn hopes to help other kids facing challenges when it comes to finding the right size shoe, thus she created a Facebook page titled “Big Shoe Network” to assist those in need.

M-LIVE reports that the Kilbourns did start a GoFundMe Account and it has raised over $23,000. The money will be used for future pairs of shoes as Eric enters adulthood.

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