Give Ted Nugent an outlet to voice his opinions and you'll get more than earful. The Nuge is writing a weekly column for - World Net Daily.

Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, says, "Nugent rocks as an outspoken entertainer who is so politically incorrect. We're honored that he would choose WND to sound off about what's on his mind every week."

In his first column, "Let Me Be Free," Nugent writes about gun-control attempts: "For one free man to attempt to tell another free man what legal products he should or should not be able to own is the most gross and irresponsible bastardization of freedom I can imagine. But then again, I'm not a helpless, feckless, spineless, bloodsucking sheep waiting for direction."

And in his second column, "Republican Murdering U.S. Citizens," he writes about why he thinks "liberals are two-faced hypocrites."