Never one to miss going hunting, or to make a statement against someone that doesn't think the same way he does, Ted Nugent is now referring to himself as 'the swine czar' after going on a hunt of feral pigs across Texas that he says are destroying the environment and the animals he loves to hunt.

The difference is that Nugent and his buddy "Pigman' did their pig hunting from a helicopter...with a machine gun...thinning the herd in Ted's estimates by 455 pigs.

He also claims that he did it "All for the benefit of Bill Maher and those other animal rights freaks out there"

Nugent went on to call the hunt a 'win-win-win':

"We distributed tons of the most delicious pork to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters of this state,” Nugent said “Everything we did was perfect – win win win.”

If the first “win” was saving the environment and the second “win” was feeding the homeless, we can only assume that the third “win” was the pure enjoyment Nugent got from shooting his machine gun.

Now I know we've had deer hunts inside city limits to thin herds, and other special hunting and fishing seasons to control animal population numbers, but helicopters and machine guns? That might take the sport out of pheasant season around Woonsocket if you can use helicopters and machine guns.