As President Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney get set to square off in their second debate on Tuesday night in Hempstead, New York, staunch Republican Ted Nugent has weighed in on the first one, held on October 3rd.

Nugent writes on his website, "Debate? I don't think so. It qualified as a 'debate' about as much as me and [Rolling Stone publisher] Jann Wenner debating whether Grand Master Flash, Patti Smith, Abba and Madonna should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame instead of KISS, Grand Funk Railroad and me. Why do you think they call it dope? Speaking of dopes, [former Vice President] Al Gore had the best, most predictable liberal review/excuse making of all; Obama's lapse was a result of the Mile High city altitude. Yeah, that's what it was, Al, the president was too high, again... Everybody paying attention and with a modicum of knowledge about basic history must admit that President Barack Obama and his gang of freedom haters have engineered the most destructive suicidal death march of all times for America. His virtual cluelessness about economics 101, his turning his back on the very pulse of our Constitution and his disdain for the beauty of capitalism was there for the whole world to witness. You can buy votes Mr. President, but you can't buy believability. Your true colors were spellbinding, and dare I say, extremely anti-American. Thank you for being honest... The relentless flurry of sucker punches that Romney landed square on the jaw and of the President are too numerous to list in a single article, but when ultra-lefty million dollar donator Bill Maher admits that his favorite President was helpless without his teleprompter, everybody knows his boy got his ass handed to him..."

The third debate is Monday in Boca Raton, Florida.