Roger Moore

Writing 'Live and Let Die'
"Paul had just read the book the night before and he started screwing around at the piano. Within 10 minutes, he had that song written."
Roger Moore Officially Joins ‘The Saint’
A few weeks ago we were intrigued to hear that 'The Saint' was to be revived as a new series with former 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and genre darling Eliza Dushku, particularly with former 'Saint' and 007 Roger Moore producing. Now, we've gotten word Moore himself will appear in the series (which la…
Eliza Dushku to Star in ‘The Saint’ Adaptation
We've long held a special place in our hearts for Eliza Dushku, even if TV series like 'Tru Calling' or 'Dollhouse' never quite managed to find their footing. After all, there can never be enough ass-kicking babes on TV, but now we hear that Dushku has signed on to take part in yet another adaptatio…