The Marshall Tucker Band's 1973 classic "Can't You See" has been named the 'Greatest Southern Rock Song' in a new list by The track -- which has been a mainstay on FM radio upon it's release on the band's self-titled debut album -- has often been mistaken for being an Allman Brothers Band song, actually was never a hit, "peaking" upon release at a disappointing Number 108 on the Billboard singles charts. Coming in second was Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1974 mission statement, "Sweet Home Alabama," with 1975 Outlaws favorite "Green Grass & High Tides" rounding out the Top Three.

Co-founder and singer Doug Gray is thrilled with the honor, telling the website: "We are over the top with this announcement from Ultimate Classic Rock. It certainly lets us all know that 'Can't You See' is and will continue to be appreciated for a very long time."

Doug Gray told us that he's never been ashamed to be known as a Southern Rock act: "No, absolutely not. We are a Southern Rock band -- it's that simple. We're a band that's not afraid to be hooked to the Allman Brothers, not afraid to be hooked to Charlie Daniels. What would I be -- right now -- if I didn't have my background and roots into where we're coming from, and try to put that in the music. I can't be somebody we're not."

The Marshall Tucker Band will next perform on Friday and Saturday night (October 5th and 6th) in Steelville, Missouri at the Wildwood Springs Lodge.

The Greatest Southern Rock Songs , according to Ultimate Classic Rock:
1. "Can't You See" - The Marshall Tucker Band
2. "Sweet Home Alabama" - Lynyrd Skynyrd
3. "Green Grass & High Tides" - The Outlaws
4. "Highway Song" - Blackfoot
5. "Long Haired Country Boy" - The Charlie Daniels Band
6. "Flirtin' With Disaster" - Molly Hatchet
7. "La Grange" - ZZ Top
8. "Ramblin' Man" - The Allman Brothers
9. "30 Days In The Hole" - Humble Pie
10. "Mississippi Queen" - Mountain