Bill Wyman's revelations in a Rolling Stone interview may shake the memorabilia market.

The longtime Rolling Stones bassist says that to save time, he and his bandmates often forged each other's signature on such items as posters and books. These days, he says he often chuckles when such items come up for sale -- since there's a good chance the autographs aren't kosher. "We all learned to sign each other's signatures. Except for Charlie [Watts]. He wouldn't sign anything. But me, Keith, Mick and Brian all could sign each other's autographs."

Back in the '60s, the guys didn't think they were hurting anyone or committing fraud -- it was merely a function of being rushed while trying to please avid fans. "But it was the only way to do it, because you couldn't pass this stuff around. You didn't have time. You were onstage in 10 minutes."