In the cold winter months for the past 50 years, Sports Illustrated has taken one issue off from reporting actual sports and instead, brought the tropics to our mailboxes with the annual swimsuit issue.

It was the magazine that introduced men to the term 'supermodel' when Cheryl Tiegs and Kathy Ireland first graced the pages back in the 1980s and 1990s.

SI has also been the place to show us that models DON'T have to be 'Barbie' to be beautiful, (thank God! Although Barbie IS in the 50th anniversary issue!) when they introduced us to THE supermodel of the past few years, Kate Upton.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel got to reveal the 2014 cover on his late night show. Now I'm definitely no prude, but holy cow are they ever using less and less material in swimsuits these days (spoken as a man with a daughter and THREE granddaughters! haha)

I even have a friend at the radio station that says he told SI to NOT deliver the Swimsuit issue and instead extend his subscription an extra issue. I wouldn't go THAT far.

Do you look forward to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition each year or would you rather them stick to what the name of the magazine is...sports?

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